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Made in Germany

The SnoGlide is made from the best materials and is assembled in Germany. It is made from a water-resistant 7-layer laminated maple deck, with Glides specifically designed for cold temperatures and mounted with stainless steel hardware. A newly developed rubber grip foam is grippy even in snow and water.

The Glides can be mounted forwards and backwards, and the computer designed SnoGlide grooves on the bottom provide stable ride characteristics. With the sidecut in the glides, you can make wide turns. Skateboarders can now perform some of their favorite tricks on the snow. With the leash the SnoGlide can be attached to your wrist, and you can comfortably carry the board over your shoulder.

Hard as a Rock

Here are SnowGlide's extreme quality tests.
It doesn't matter if a SnowGlide is run over by a car or thrown from a 10m (32ft) building onto the asphalt.
The SnoGlide withstood these tortures and was still ready to use.

That is German Made Quality!