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How to ride it?

Unlike a snowboard, with a SnoGlide your feet are not attached to a board. That means you can quickly jump on or off of it. You can also do skateboard tricks not possible on a snowboard.

The grippy top surface is made of a rubber optimized for grip in snow or when wet.

The safety leash attached to the board fits easily around the wrist.
The leash is a welcome support for balance on the SnoGlide, and is great for tricks and jumps for experienced riders. Carry the SnoGlide by hanging it over your shoulder.

People who can already ride a skateboard or snowboard can quickly learn to ride a SnoGlide. Beginners can also have fun right away.

With the symmetric Glides, the SnoGlide can be ridden in both directions. The wide skis won't ruin the snow at a resort. Even with a little snow, the SnoGlide is ready to ride.