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sno22 GmbH

Produktionsstandort Ittlingen
Our production site in Ittlingen, Germany

Sno22 GMBH is a young company founded in 2008 by the four traders Reinhard Schirk, Achim Klär, Thomas Barth and Ralf Mack.
As they are enthusiasts of the snowboard and skater scene there was a big passion for producing this product right from the start.

The successful market introduction of the snoglide was in 2009 and the sales expectancy was overmatched instantly.

The idea

The idea of the snoglide started pretty simple just like many other good ideas. The two friends and funsport enthusiasts Achim Klär and Thomas Barth were in winter holidays with their kids where they just wanted to offer them more fun than just to go sledding.
The idea of the snoglide was born.

After many hours of work, hundreds of tries and lots of protoytypes the final version of snoglide was developed.

With Reinhard Schirk and Ralf Mack two more experts of different business areas joined the company and could add their knowledge.
Constantly new machines were bought to upgrade the production potential so that since 2010 the snowboard decks made of homegrown wood are self-produced too.
From the beginning the philosophy was to enthuse funsport kooks with a board they can use all year long in summer as in winter.
The aim of the production always was to guarantee the high quality level "Made in Germany".